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Yoshimura Exhaust

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Is anybody stocking these for the Lt-r 450???
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Yoshimura pipe

We called Yoshimura yesterday trying to get a few pipes for stock and they said the pipe should be available about early March. They filled our order for some of the "cherry bombs" though. Yoshimura is usually fairly accurate on their info, so we'll all just have to wait.

I also checked Parts Unlimited for any new part numbers for the r450 but they didn't list any yet.

The Indy trade show (sorry, it's for dealers only) is just next weekend so the vendors should have example pipes and other goodies on display. Don't expect much to be available for awhile though. Having one on display and one for sale is two different things.

I can see the stock airbox lid being used for a frisbie after seeing how small the intake holes are in it.
1 - 1 of 22 Posts
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