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Yoshimura Exhaust

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Is anybody stocking these for the Lt-r 450???
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I was under the imperission that with the EFI if you threw a pipe on it would adjust? quote]

I think alot of people have the same impression....the truth is that the EFI requires the proper hardware for tuning (and its pricey)...the EFI is not going to automatically adjust to the large difference in air/fuel conditions from open lid, open pipe, drastic elevation change etc....EFI will be very efficient when tuned properly but....alot of people will be dissappointed that what used to be a $3 jet change and moving the needle clip will be substituted by higher priced hardware and electronics that they need to get used too...don't get me wrong, that does not deter me from the LTR but it becomes a whole new game with EFI to fine tune.
wht180, you are probably correct...someone with an electronics background could figure this stuff out pretty easily I bet. It would be similar to the I-Cat product that came out a few years ago (in the dirt bike world) - A $200 resistor that I beleive someone figured out how to do it at home for $15....
1 - 2 of 22 Posts
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