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Yoshimura EMS kit

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I have one ordered.. I have had it paid for in full from MPR since mid March.. Yoshimura was supposed to have it done mid March.. but here we are toddering the end of April and I just got told by MPR that they are still waiting and Yoshimura couldn't give them specific date on when... then I got told 2 weeks.. as I have been told so many times... I am going to stick with the EMS no matter how long it takes.. heck its paid for, However I was wondering if any one out there has more info.. I have tried asking yoshimura myself but they must not like me.. no one answers the phone or my emails...
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Well i just ordered my full yoshi and i talked to kyle from cernics he is running his yoshi with just the cb

i have also seen a few guys around here doing the same!!!

i am gonna try it i will probably plug check the bike and run it out and listen for the lean pop

i am also gonna buy the ems setup but i think it should be ok for noww???????? just my opinion.
1 - 1 of 14 Posts
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