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Yoshi Spark Arrestor

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So I am looking at my Yoshi exhaust trying to figure out the best way to pull the spark arrestor. The outer cone piece is covering the bolt that holds it in. But, the outer cone piece is riveted in. It seems like it would be less work to just drill a hole to access it rather than drill out all the rivets and then re-rivet it back together.

Any thoughts?

Oh yeah, also when I shake the muffler should I be hearing the rattleing noise that I am or is that a problem?

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See the hole underneath shaped like a trapezoid? Look down in there, see the bolt head? Take a dremel and cut a V shaped notch to gain access to the bolt. If you take your time you can make the cut look like it came from the factory like that. Did you get the updated sparky from Yosh yet? If not call and tell them you have a 1st gen pipe and your sparky fell apart, they'll hook ya up. Its a much better piece and is worth bugging them for.
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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