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Yoshi Ems Program

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has anyone seen the program for the yoshi ems. i found it on a website. i downloaded it and i can't get my laptop to communicate with it. is says i must have a valid file to read. the website i found it on said you should only have to plug it in to you pim and be programming.
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well, after kicking and yelling for a while, i went ahead and ordered the fimak. it better be worth it.
i should have it by wed of next week. how much hp gain has anyone seen. i was putting out 49 hp before i put the pim on. i would like to see 53-54 hp. it will also help being able to raise the rev limit higher. anyone with fimak expeience please give me details. i will also let everyone know if the fimak will communicate with the laptop.
1 - 3 of 11 Posts
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