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Yoshi Cams Intake Or Both?

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I got my cams today my question is yoshi says use the stock exaust and there intake but im just not sure if I should do that or just change both, so I am looking for thoughts on this. I would hate to think I might be giving up some power.
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Vermint, I was talking to Dan @ DASA today and that was one of the things I asked him. He told me that unless you were running a high compression piston? Intake and exhaust cams were the way to go. He definately felt you would be losing something by not changing the exhaust profile.
Once you bust a move to a high compression piston? THEN you could get away with stock exhaust profile or no change from current...hope this helps :D
Thanks Junkie thats the way im going to go.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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