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Wont Start!!

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Alright, my starter was having some trouble getting the engine to crank..... so i would just play with the start button a few times and it would fire right up.

Eventually it took alot more 'playin' with the button to get it to crank over and fire up.

(it took up to 3mins. of screwing around with towards the end)

Now when i push it, it sounds as if my battery is dead, just a little "click"

***My battery has FULL charge.
***I read about the roll over switch so i snipped that and twisted the wires like it said to.
***Checked all fuses, and connections from battery to starter, ect.

And i still cant get this thing to crank.

I wouldn't suspect the starter to just slowly quit working over 3 days like this.
(usually you bang on a car starter and get a few more uses out of it)

Im wondering if anyone else had this problem or has any ideas

maybe a starter or cylinoid??

I cant ride anymore, my buddys are sick of giving me a push!! :(

thanks for reading, please help.
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It your starter, mine is in the shop for it again for the second one. I heard somewhere that the decompression lever on the exhaust cam is bad on a few bikes. I wont know for sure untill tuesday. Both times mine went out it did the same thing as yours.

Thanks for the tips, i called the dealer today and they said two bikes have came in with my problem and said because of the lobes on the exhaust cam get worn out and it causes the starter to over-work and kills it, like you said.
So now, not only do i have to buy a new starter, but also a cam :( unless i want to keep buying starters.

Any ideas for cams? --- if im doing it than i might as well do it big.

so i plan to buy hotcams for it. any ideas??
also, do i have to buy any other things to go along with the cam (fuel map, fuel manager ??)
*i have the cheery bomb
* no baffle
* k&n
I'll save money for somthing like a cam set-up, so if you have any ideas on sumthing even if it is pricey, please let me know anyways
thanks guys!
Is the starter making any noises when you turn it over? Or is it just giving you a little click click sound where the start botton is? I use to have the same problem when i would get dirt or mud in the casing where the start button is its worth check hope its not you starter good luck.

No, the starter isnt making any noises at all when i hit it.
the only sound is a click from down by the battery.

Also, does anybody know where i can buy Dasa cams and roughly how much?

thanks again guys.
1 - 3 of 10 Posts
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