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Why Do You Dune?

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I know not eveyone is a Duner on here...bu feel free to post the reason u MX or XC what is my reason that i dune

I dune because...its where my family used to go, when it was a family... Glamis is my life. And i go there to live. It is what has kept me alive all these miserable years. I love Glamis. It is so relaxing...I remember when i was a kid playing in the sand in the dark. I would zone out of my body and just feel like... "am i really here?" It was such a great i was in heaven. Thats why.

Found this topic on another forums, the ASA one.
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Yepp...we allready got it planned bro...a fly in the ointment but I'm sure it will get worked out :angry:

And are you going to the sand show...I'll have my bike there and a pulley set for a LS2..amd some other stuff...we need to hook up..also my daughters grad party is on the 16th so you and all your whacky buddies are invited...big dance spread the word... :D
PARTY AT JUNKIE'S!!! BYOB....hahah sorry junkie :lol:
Woot! Partay! :fro:
Junkie check the other threads, i will be there at the show for sure, but i not sure if all three days though...i covet my weekends...

Grad party on the 16th? sounds cool ill be there ill let the posse know, wow that party i went to last weekend.....ha ha there were people that i have known for years though, crazy what a small world it is....i had no idea i would be seeing those people any time soon....
I don't know why I ride. I like going fast I suppose. Being barely in control and sort of willing my bike to do what I want. Alot of times it doesn't even feel like I'm steering, I just think hey I want to go that direction and bam I'm doing that. Very surreal.

I do XC because it challenges me mentally and physically. You always have to plan for 2 turns ahead when your not sure what those turns are.

I dune because it's relaxing. I can just putt around with my wife, brother in law, sister, whole family. There is no competition there... well okay with my brother in law. It lets my mind be free.

Plus chicks dig it.
Why do I dune? As an avid fan of the outdoors and my love for speed the two seem to fit together perfectly. After spending the week behind a desk or digging in a server it feels wonderful to feel the wind on my face, the smell of two stroke oil, four strokes on alcohol and the grit of the sand in my teeth. There is also a sense of accomplishment from building a machine that is capable of handling the tallest dunes in any gear or spanking a Honda on the drag strip.

The only reason I hate cleaning my bikes and gear when I get home is because the realization that my weekend trip is over hits me and makes me sad. And while I put my bike back in the garage and disconnect the trailer all I am really thinking about is THE NEXT TRIP!
I have been duning since 1980. It gives you a high, without any drugs. Plus, it is a great family activity. As long as they don't shut down the dunes, I will still be going there 20 years from now.
Growing up in Thermal CA with a YZ80 as my first bike and nothing but sand around my neighborhood and tons of places to ride like Dillon Rd., Iron Door, 38th st. , Eat'em hill, "the seat" off Date Palm & I-10, and for the big weekends glamis & ocotillo wells.... you can say sand is in my blood.

Most of my dune life was spent on two wheels but thats what I learned on so it was always easy to me. We used to all go out together (Dad, Mom & 5 boys). We had an old yamaha 200cc 3-wheeler and my trusty old 80 until I graduated into an RM125. Man I miss those good ole days.

I left it for quite a while.... but this year I was finally able to share the life I grew up with ....with my wife and kids.
Wht...we still ride Dillon...Edom is out because of the dump...the backside is still nice but guys shoot their guns there so I don't like to go there unless I'm feelin ballsy...the "seat" or "Shovel" as we like to call it was closed down last wonder you ended up in Oklahoma... :(
I've MXed out there in Cali but never duned. That IS one thing I'm gonna do b4 I hang up my helmet for good. I second BCG on the MX part. I do it for the challange, both mental and physical, and because I'm extremly competitive. Theres not a feeling in the world like pounding through a sick rythm section, slaming a berm, railing it then gettin on the gas hard for the next huge triple. It's a sport that truly rewards hard work and pratice, and really does rely more on skill and brains then big HP and fancy machinery. The atmosphere is awesome at the tracks and most everyone acts like family. Hell thats why I'm going to Ballance this weekend, to see my extended family who I've known and who have taken care of me at the track for years.
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