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Why Do You Dune?

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I know not eveyone is a Duner on here...bu feel free to post the reason u MX or XC what is my reason that i dune

I dune because...its where my family used to go, when it was a family... Glamis is my life. And i go there to live. It is what has kept me alive all these miserable years. I love Glamis. It is so relaxing...I remember when i was a kid playing in the sand in the dark. I would zone out of my body and just feel like... "am i really here?" It was such a great i was in heaven. Thats why.

Found this topic on another forums, the ASA one.
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I dune cause it's where I get to unwind and just have fun. There no worries out there. I like the feelin of being all alone with your thoughts in your helmet. Even though your concentrating on riding your mind still wonders a little bit. I also like the challenge like 764 said, it's fun to push yourself and your bike to see just how hard you can go at it. And I also really like hanging out at night BS'n and having some beers with your friends after a nice day of riding.
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