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Why Do You Dune?

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I know not eveyone is a Duner on here...bu feel free to post the reason u MX or XC what is my reason that i dune

I dune because...its where my family used to go, when it was a family... Glamis is my life. And i go there to live. It is what has kept me alive all these miserable years. I love Glamis. It is so relaxing...I remember when i was a kid playing in the sand in the dark. I would zone out of my body and just feel like... "am i really here?" It was such a great i was in heaven. Thats why.

Found this topic on another forums, the ASA one.
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I dune it up...Cuz well..It just kicks ass PLAIN and SIMPLE..
You can open it up WOT and then just cruise..I love night riding and sitting on top of a Razorback and just watching the lights light up the night time sky. What's better then that...Then cruising the sandhighway wrapped full of beads tossing them out to chicks that show BOOBIES muhahahahaah....I love it :)
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