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Why Do You Dune?

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I know not eveyone is a Duner on here...bu feel free to post the reason u MX or XC what is my reason that i dune

I dune because...its where my family used to go, when it was a family... Glamis is my life. And i go there to live. It is what has kept me alive all these miserable years. I love Glamis. It is so relaxing...I remember when i was a kid playing in the sand in the dark. I would zone out of my body and just feel like... "am i really here?" It was such a great i was in heaven. Thats why.

Found this topic on another forums, the ASA one.
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i totally forgot thats why i ride. my mind is clear and absent of all the normal everyday stuff. i have only been to the dunes twice. first time in 98 at pismo on a rented quad and helmet. the quad truly sucked and the helmet mouth part was attached like the visor. i hit a witches eye busted my chin open and dang near knocked myself out ouch cut me open to. didnt discourage me though. and last year took the trx and blew it up on the first day and spent the next 4 days drinking with the homies. soon very soon i will be at some dunes with the ltr. hopefully Glamis on the 30th.
thanks guys. yeah i hope its an overnighter wait it better be an overnighter, with all the driving i'll have to do. it will be raining hard here by then and would love to see some sun and sand :)
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