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Why Did You Start Riding?

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as it says. im curious as to how every one got into the sport of quads, and who got you into quads.

my answer is, i wanted to start racing, and my dad got me into qauds
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the girls that support/ride are hot, so i started riding and found a girlfriend...
Kids...they got tired of me draggin them to races just to watch me have fun driving I asked them what they wanted to do?..Now I wished I had done it start your kids YOUNG boys...don't make my mistake...there's a lot of fun to be had....just watching their eyes light up when they talk about the last time they went out or how they learned a new technique...worth every dime and more... :D
I started riding just because I liked anything with a motor. I had my first three-wheeler when I was three and then a motorcycle when I was five. Latter all my family started to get into quads and I just love getting out with everyone. It is just a great way for me to get time with my family.
I grew up on Dirtbikes rode my whole life. Then one time I met up with some friends at the Dunes, they all had quads, and I realized that the dunes and quads way way more fun than the desert and all those rocks. That was about 3.5yrs ago. Haven't owned a 2-wheeler since.
I used to ride bikes when I was a kid. My buddy had a 3 wheeler. I started playing on that a little.
I bought my first Quad in 1986 -- Honda 200sx -- I think it was around $1500 -- BRAND new.
It was the first "crossover" sport quad I had seen. Not a big utility, not a 2 stroke racer.
Man I put that thing through hell. Sold it in 1990 when I moved off to college. Bought an enduro (XL250r) to ride around campus and still play. Sold it in 95. Then took a long break.

I bought a DRZ 400 in 2002 -- loved it -- for awhile. Trying to get "the best of both worlds". That bike was very good at both street and trail just not GREAT at either -- made me miss the 4 wheeler days. So I decided If I wanted the "best of both worlds" -- that's what I'd do.

I bought a Harley V-Rod. MAJOR heart pumper. Stage 1 kit -- 122hp -- 0-60 in 2.8 secs
Then a bought a 400ex -- typical mods. Good bike -- I just reached a point where I wanted more.
I was debating on dumping more $ into it or getting the 450r -- then I saw the first articles on the LTR.
So...I waited patiently (not really) -- for almost a year. I knew it was a bike I HAD to have.

Sorry it's so long -- This thread was about me -- right? :huh:
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Well i first started riding dirtbikes becuase my family was starting to get into it. When i was about 12 i decided to switch to a quad because i wasn't sure about bikes anymore. After some time on my first quad (Trail Blazer 250) i felt right at home and loved riding quads, then i first got into sport quads when i wanted to race them, so i started off on a YFZ and have been riding ever since.
My Dad was into 3wheelers. I got a honda 70 when I was about 5. Started racing about third grade. Quit my sophmore year in HS. My dad moved away...No money...had to quit. Just been ridding and enjoying myself ever since.
My dad started it all for me around 28 years ago and bought me a dirt bike. Ive been on motorcycles and dirt bikes most of my life. Then i bought my buddys tri-z, had a blast with it. Been on street bikes until my daughter was born. Then going mach one on a ninja zx9r didnt seem like the thing to do anymore.So i switched to quads.
i was an unfortunite kid that didnt have any cool toys other than a lawn mower without the mower deck...YEEE HAWWW :lol: ... :mellow: best friend was a board with some wheels or a bike...but....around 10 i rode a 4 wheeler for the first time...wrecked it starting the damn thing (learned not to hold the throtle all the way open when pull starting)....HS graduation party my buddie brought over a little 80cc dirtbike n i almost rolled it riding a wheelie...19 i got a kfx400 because i couldnt get financed for a 450r...bummer...outgrew the 400 in a yr n half n got the LTR and scare people at the flat track because i drift better than when does the drift scene come to atv's?? to slow to delierious :blink:
i started riding three wheelers my uncle had a couple honda atc 110's and it was the only way i could get out of the house. i used to ride it to school, rode it to homeschool at someone elses house. passed a school bus one morning with the red lights flashing i was in the third grade and no one ever explained to me what that big ol word UNLAWFUL meant :angry: had to go to court over that <_< but always loved the freedom. somewhere along the line i earned enough money to buy(cause my moms would never buy me anything like that) a 1980 cr80 boy did that thing ever rip. people always asked did you hit the powerband yet? i was like what is that and one day WOW full throttle the thing felt like it was flying down the gravel road. also some time my best friend's uncle who we used to ride with had a honda 200x three wheeler disk brakes front and rear that did not run, he let me wrench on it and when i fixed it he let me buy it, i probably was 13 at the time. loved that thing even though no 5th gear(burnt out somehow) then around 95 or so i was bout 18 drove 13 hours to the middle of oregon and bought my 88 trx250r still got it, well the a-arms and swing arm and rear shock are thats left of that one. wow sorry this is getting long. couple other quads along the way. well i got tired of blowing up the 2 stroke and wanted a 450 for quite sometime and last year at dune fest we talked about 450's and everyone mentioned the ltr so i waited and waited then it showed up at the dealership and i could not resist.
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well i started riding back when i was 3 years old in 1985, on a tri-zinger it ran outa power quick for me so, i grew up to a 1979 atc 70. Which my family bought brand new in 79' along with two 110's (family has been riding since 78' mostly glamis and palm springs :D ) After lots of time on the 110 as soon as i was strong enough to kick over the 1981 250r we had (mom bought it for dad for anniversary) i was allowed to ride it. We rode in Glamis for years and years back when the only thing going up OLDS was the 250r's and dune buggies. We kinda stopped riding for a couple of years then got back into it when my brother bought a banshee in 92' The rest is history, other brother bought a banshee then got married and bought his wife a warrior for 2 years, ditched that and she upgraded to banshee, then other brother bought one and i bought mine. Since then 4 others in our circle of friends ride Shee's when we all go to Glamis and show up we infest the air with beautifull 2 stroke :)

Oh and we sold one of the 110's, but we still have one of them nick named the donut bike or the tow truck (runs like a top) and the 70 still runs great but we having the tank worked on due to some interior rust from 27 years worth of fuel, it also runs awesome it great shape. The 250r starts on the first kick, but has had an easy life since we all have bikes now but i figure it needs a break after how many of us have ridden it.

Wow thats a long post, but ha you guys asked!
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oh yeah forgot as a kid, if you can start it you can ride it.
savage; exactly, i remember the first time i rode the 250 it was kinda late on a saturday night and we were all out in the garage wrenching away at one of our toys and i was just fooling around pulled the kick starter out and gave it a kick, and it cycled, my brothers looked at me smiled tossed me a helmet and pulled the bike outa the garage. I turned the gas on flipped the switch and gave it another try and she came to memories.....
I started back in 82 on a Tri-moto 125 and rode for a couple years than got back into it in 96 when I bought my wife a Timberwolf and I got my grandpas hand me down Bayou 185 (YIKES) harsh riding beeotch LOL Had a set of Elka pillows strapped to the seat for suspension ;) That was the rebirth, and 5 quads later I am neck deep in it and loving every minute of it :) Love to MX race, Dune ride and am going to try and follow the WORC's race next year with "Rooprick" Just wish I could have got into it a little earlier, hard for the ol guys to run with you young bucks, but love the thrill!!!
My friend had just bought a 97 polaris sport 400, big ass two stroke and was pretty fast, nothing compared to todays standards but it was a fun bike. About a month later I had a 2001 300ex and we rode almost everyday this was about four years ago.
When I first went to Cabo San Lucas on a family trip i went on one of those atv tours. i was 12 at the time and I fell in love. Later on-around a year or two ago-my closest cousin bought a Honda trx450 and reignited my lust. i had a lot of bills at the time and didn’t think i could afford one. Last summer i went to Cabo again with my fiancé at the time my father and my best friend. We went on that tour again and i had so much fun on those crappy 250s i vowed id get one before the year was thru. its all my friends and i talked about for the next couple of months driving my wife (fiancé at the time) bonkers. Around Feb. I decided id get one for my birthday, that’s when i really fell in love. my friend got the exact same one but yellow *cough* mine's faster *cough*. i really fell in love when we went to Pismo camping and i jumped it for the first time. I’ve never felt to free on four wheels.
When I lived in the city all I had was an electric jeep (powerwheels i think) then I out grown that and went to Target and got a bright orange 5speed bike. It was awesome!! Moved out in the country and noticed everyone else didn't have to peddle after further investigation those units were called (dirtbikes,gocarts,atvs) lol

I got my first go cart and rode about 8 sets of tires off. Then moved up to a Polaris Scrambler bored out .080 over, fmf pipe, port &polish head. It was a beast, but couldn't keep it running. I took a step backwards and bought a tt-r125 and had a blast shooting up hills that thing wasn't intended to go up. Then I purchased a 300ex flipped it really bad going up a hill sold it like a month later bought a 400ex climbed hills on that thing daily and swear that I would never sell it then..... Those stupid YFZ's came out, and they make climbing hills easy! So i bought one of those, and sold my 400ex to a good friend after owning it for two years.

Now all I have is a R1 (which isn't fun anymore) and a YFZ450 which is still a blast. I've been debating selling the R1 to get a LTR or a R for a spare bike. not sure though...

hopefully all of that above made sense lol
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Started racing karts when I was 7 w/ my dad and his friends then when I was about 13 I had a pretty bad wreck and kart racing just wasn't fun anymore. Sold it and bought a big utility quad to use around the farm. My dad didn't like me flying and jumping around on it so I bought a blaster a year later. Two years later bought a 250R then two years after that I had a full Laeger 250R ready to go the the nats. I learned that airing out a huge triple is way more fun then driving around in circles and it was all over!!!!!!!!
How I was hooked Chapter 1
1976 I was twelve and all my friends rode minibikes to deliver news papers. A couple of them also raced and did well in their class. I went to the races with them and was hooked talked my mom into buying me a Honda 70 with the promise I would get a paper route to help pay her back. This worked out well starting racing the very first weekend I had the bike.

How I was hooked chapter 2
1985 I got married on a friday raced the next night which was a Saturday night event where I highsided in the first turn on a very dusty track after having the holeshot-lost my wedding ring, had knobby tracks across my stomach, my back and had half my gear torn from body. I was rag dolled by the rest of the field who could not see me. I walked away from it but never got the nuggets back to get to the first turn in front ever least not on a bike-hence I started racing a Suzuki LT 250 the same year and was absolutely in love and have been ever since.
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