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First off I can't go riding with you because I'm in the desert. I will be home to ride around Thanksgiving.

Where to ride...... (get a pen and paper)

Prarie City - Nice Facilities and decent size. Crappy MX track though. It's a nice afternoon place.

Forrest Hill - Bit of a drive but lots of trails. Alot of hill climbs, wooded, very nice. Good place to spend a full day and get away from the heat. It's all trail riding though.

Carniege - Never been but I hear it's mostly hill climbs. I have a friend who swears by this place. I am planning on going here in the spring.

Chico - Forget the name of this place but it's a full on MX track. They race dirt bikes in the morning and quads in the afternoon. I have heard lots of good things about it.

Nevada - Pull off the highway and enjoy BLM land. I prefer Yerington and Weeks. That's more of a weekend adventure.

Pismo - Duning.

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I HATE that whole Fresno area...nothing but rocks the size of Volvo's...

Head South young man..hit Glamis with'll never go back to eating dirt again...

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