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Where Is Junkie Tonight?

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Junkie where are you?

Fuel have you talked to him today?

Is he in the garage putting together the BLINGMOBILE :fro: ?

Is he ok?
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The guy doesn't post for a day and we're concerned for his health :p Now THAT'S a sign of pure dedication
He better be wrenching on that thing. Either that, or he is crying because he didn't get his stuff yet. ;)
I'm back...finally...I didn't pick up my a-arms until last night about home about 11:30...crane lift this morning...started about 2:30 and got the front end on...finally...see my post in suspension...

Oh what the's a pic...

And thanks for the concern guys...kinda gave me a warm and fuzzy feeling... :lol:
Looks SIK. Can I get a test ride? I promise not to stand it up :blink: .
hmmm...I dunno... <_<
im in envy
This room just errupted in 4th of July style "ooh's and ahh's"...

Ohh wait...everyone else went quite when I started "ooh'ing" -_- Yes, I appear to be the only one here who cares :lol:
just noticing but... i would hate it if junkie had a new avater or name... it wouldn't be the same
Those pictures just gave me a warm and fuzzy feeling. Shwing.
Looks SIK. Can I get a test ride? I promise not to stand it up :blink: .

You can ride mine bro ...... well maybe not?

Thanks for the vote of confidence guys. I won't get caught by suprise this time. I'm used to having paddles now and how hard they grab.
U do stay up too late! To bad i won't be able to stay up late too because i have school starting Wednesday.
Looks nice, no fiber from what I can see though.... TSK TSK TSK! To bad Steve is still faster. :p
looks great junkie! Now lets get some better pictures in the light when you get a chance.
I will get some good photos this weekend. Junkie is working on the Fiber as i type.

Well if u type faster then he'll work faster.
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