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Hello again everyone,

I was taking apart my quad and found this plastic piece along with a small screw in my gas tank...:ROFLMAO: I was wondering if it's from part 34 on the diagram? Not really sure what else it would be, but I figured I would check before tearing into that now.

After sitting this winter, my swirl filter thing (part 14) had a noticeable leak and I am in the process of deciding what to do there. It looks like on this OEM diagram I can order a new O-ring. I already replaced the O-ring in the on/off valve but now the entire thing is leaking!!. As others have suggested on here, I removed the swirl filter inside of the housing and instead used an inline fuel filter. Hopefully I can replace the O-ring and it will be as good as new. Any suggestions or pointers would be helpful.

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