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What do you think the limits of the stock EFI wil be?

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If I were to put in a 14:1 piston, cams, and a port job, do you think the EFI will adjust with no problem? I don't know too much about EFI so give me your .02.
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I thought I read about a "yoshimura" chip being availble. if thats the case.... then I'm sure the yosh tuning software will hit the street in a stolen, copied or similar version along with the maps. when that happens..... then only limit will be the tuners limit. And having it as an ECU system, for the money, a person could run something like Haltec, Motec, Autronics, HydraEMS, SDS, etc etc. but with those you'll have to permanetly have to mount an O2 sensor and a MAP or MAF sensor.
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