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What Did You Pay For Your LTR450

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Hey guys, I am goin to sell my TRX450 for an LTR450 and i was wanting to know what you payed for your LTR. Thanks
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Bartlesville Cycle Sports in Oklahoma $6511 OTD.
$6,900 OTD from Fun Country in Dalles Oregon.
We are not as lucky as all you here in Ut., Az., and Ca.. I'm in utah and the absolute best price I could get from any dealer with in a 300 mile radius was $7850 (give or take a few bucks) OTD.. but I did get mine from the first shipment.. they might be a bit cheaper now??? I care not to find out for fear I would get upset!!! :)
$7126.00 OTD. Sewell Marine, Leesville, La.
7600 OTD in Houston, TX. Here in Lake Charles they wanted 8300 OTD so it was worth the 2 hour drive to Houston. I called Leesville and they didn't have one in stock so I see who bought that one cough,cough: r450racing :p !
Sorry about that. :? NOT.

I wanted the faster one (white of course) and had to wait a while but it was worth it.

r450 racing
here in PA i got mine for $7600 otd which i got the first yellow one at my dealer ! and i checked around and everyone wanted 8300 otd . but i race and my dealer sponsors me so they gave it to me for 7600 not to bad around here wish i lived where u can get it for 6600 haha you guys are lucky!!
Here in California I got mine at Hamh Motorsports for $7500 OTD and $395 for the 54 month extended warranty. LA Cyclesports quoted me $7299 OTD but I really like these dorks at Hahm so I opted to go there :jerkoff: :jerkoff: :jerkoff: Everyone else I talked to wanted anywhere from $8500 all the way up to $9500 if you can believe that?
$7,500 OTD
i paid $7643OTD in western pennsylvania.....
$7,200 OTD for me in So-Cal. They had them on the floor and people were grabbing them for $8,850 OTD, no questions asked!!!
7000 otd in gc ks
I paid $6860 OTD with tax unlike some states, also i got mine several weeks ago in yellow and my dealer isn't even a suzuki dealer so thats how rare they are around me. So i guess i'm the only one within a long trip to have one. Yes again i'm the first kid on the block to get it, just like the yfz when it was new.
I got mine for 7350 OTD from Santa Teresa Motorsports (505) 589-4980 in New Mexico. Luckily I had a race buddy coming to AZ and he picked it up for me and delivered. All the dealers around the Phoenix area are totally robbing people any where from 8800 to over 10G. Well worth the extra two week wait for me.
I paid $6750 OTD from a northern Wisconsin dealer, and I live in northern Michigan so I didn't pay sales tax.(at least not until I go to get my certificate of origin changed into a title.)

I'm from Shefford,Quebec,Canada and I BEET You All :

You will all fall on your knees, I paid 10,700$ Canadian, and this was 400 less than elsewhere. Lucky guys...
In US its about 9300$US, but here there is a 15% tax un luxury stuff...

And the gaz (super) is $1,15 Can/Liter.

Got to go, working, for the money...
If things were so expensive there i would move. anything over $8000 is rip off.
Im going to pay 7199 OTD, i will be using the Suzuki card with payements @ 99 a month. Of course it will be paid off faster than 5 years. I shopped the so-cal area for about 3 weeks and I found one place that no one could touch. My white one will be in next week, I would have it today however 2 of my friends already picked up the last 2 white ones left :evil:

Till next week :!:
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