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Well It Finally Happened With Me

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I've heard of people having it and just thought it was a wine. It's definitely not a wine. It sounds exactly like a high speed bearing that is about to go out and it's LOUD. It only happened once while trail riding but man that sucker was sounding off.

Sure glad I bought the extended warranty.

Now I'd like to get some info on the rest of the guys that either know someone who had a tranny failure or got the wine and had the tranny go out yourself.

If you would please post the dealership you took it to to get fixed and their phone number. If you have a mechanic name that would help. I always like to be prepared when I take mine in. If they say they have never heard of it I'll point them to several dealerships. Nothing like going hunting loaded for bear. :D

I can tell you this. Changing oil WILL NOT make this go away. It may mask it but it's definately a problem.
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i had mine whine after the first oil change whenever i would ride it really hard , i was using 10 w 40 ,now i have done my 4th oil change and have changed to 20 w 50 castrol mineral oil and the whining has stopped ,
maybe it would be worth it for you to try 20 w 50 if arent already using it
castrol or castor oil?
i never have had the whining fixed but my dealer first tried to tell me it was the resonance(sp?) of the skid plate.. i just laughed i told them its been doing it since day one way before i got the skids. i did not have enough time to ride it around and warm it up for them, mine always takes 10 to 15 minutes of riding before it does it. then talking with the parts manager he said alias you have been riding forever so i know you know what you heard was a legit sound and not some vibrating skid plate. i figure screw it i told them what it does and how to make it happen and they didn't and i have the extended warranty so i will ride till it blows up. i know they will fix it under warranty if and when it does blow up because i have brought in another vehicle and they took good care of me.. dont think this will help you AL but thought i would get it out there. if i can help just let me know. hope you get it straightened out.
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mine is loud i can here it over my exhaust with the baffle removed and with my helmet on. i hate to pull up to people cause they just look at me like WTF is wrong with that thing. kinda sounds like a gear drive timing set up on a small block.
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