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Weekend Dune Riding Record

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I'm seven weekends strong right now :lol: Sand Lake five weekends in a row, then North Bend and then Winchester last weekend. I'm trying for #8 at Sand Lake this weekend. Luckily for me I got my girlfriend a quad or I would be sitting at home most weekends :love:

No usefull info in this thread, just bored at work.
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Was at Sandlake on Sunday with my son.

We were in the tree shots all day.

Congrats on every weekend.= Jealous

Labor Day we were in North Bend -Crazy.

Off to Florence 28th to 1st Going to be Wild
Small world.

My business is in Newberg.

Actually I live in Dumdee also.

I just built a house out there.

Rough side of the tracks though, your probably up on snob hill?
Its In the building behind Blockbuster to the far left.

Yes you have to be 21 to enter !!!!!!!

Anybody??? Anybody???
Troffer you are correct your favorite seat is available.

tranny still in the shop no f******* idea what is wrong with it.

See you Sunday for some serious Fishing.

Cornhole that really hurts..
1 - 4 of 18 Posts
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