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Water Wetter

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Hey everyone, I was just wondering if anyone has ever used water wetter in their quad? It claims to make the quad run up to 20% cooler and I have been running this stuff in all of my vehicles for a while and have noticed a difference while using it. I got a bottle from a local ride shop and they said they haven't sold much of it so they didn't have much feedback. I don't currently have the equipment to find out the difference this stuff will make, but if someone does and wants to meet with me somewhere local to Phoenix, I'd be willing to write the report. Or, if someone has tested it, please post the results (I couldn't find anything on this stuff anywhere in the forum). Thanks.
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Water Wetter is good stuff but even better is Engine Ice. Your dealer should carry it.

Before Engine Ice I used a product called 40 below which works fantastic. The only drawback is that it has no antifreeze effect to it so it's not good for winter.
I asked about engine ice and if I could run water wetter with it and the people at the shop said there shouldn't be any problem with it because it was still just anti-freeze and water. So maybe it would work even better? Anyways, like I said...if anyone has the equipment and know-how, I'd be willing to do a write-up on it. Maybe a stock to engine ice difference and an engine ice to engine ice with water wetter difference?

I have been using Water Wetter in the Chevelle for 5 great...soon as I drop the coolant in the LTR ? You know what I'm gonna use :p
Definately love the stuff in the stang too!
I seem to remember tha Engine Ice has a different type of Antifreeze in it and that it was not compatible with the standard Antifreeze that's in the LTR most most other quads for that matter.

I could be wrong though.
Yeah, but I'm trying to see if engine ice would work with water wetter. water wetter is just an addative that works with the water that is in the radiator (engine ice is 50/50 water and antifreeze). you are right though...engine ice is not compatible with the standard antifreeze. it's suggested that you flush your system then put it in.
1 - 3 of 9 Posts
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