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wat i expected from suzuki!

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hey guys im new here and when i saw the new suzuki i was a little disappointed..:(
but i photoshopped my own version of the ltr450..enjoy

some mods
right side exhaust..
cut front fenders.
custom hood.
straight grab bar
black seat
little bit bigger airbox
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The reason they did the center exhaust is to be more equally balanced and lower center of gravity. I think it looks cool.
i like the centered exhaust too. all the other stuff u did can be fixed pretty easily... its just cosmetics.
I like the looks of the r450 as it is
I admire what suzuki did with this quad. They went out on the limits with this quad doing some stuff other ppl have never tried.

It is EFI equiped which is awesome and hardly anyone else does that with a sport oreinted quad. The way the bike is setup is a lot better. Everything is setup to balance the quad better.
I like how the 450 looks I just wish the nose piece was a little bigger when you take off the light but im sure they will make some other plastics for it
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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