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I was just told that by taking my quad on a track or by removing the stock parts i void my extended warranty. I will be calling my dealer later but i hope this is not true!
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Save all your stock motor parts. If you ever have anything bad go wrong with your motor, put the stock stuff back on. If you crack open the case and drop in any aftermarket parts like cams, etc., bye bye warrantee.
When you buy an extended warrantee, 9 times out of 10 it isnt Suzuki that is the warrantee provider, most likely it is a company called Western Insurance. They have claim adjusters that will come out, inspect the bike at the dealership to determine if the failure is covered. IF you have a good local Suzuki mechanic, he can guide the claim adjuster in your favor claiming it was Suzuki parts that failed. IF you add ANY internal parts to an ATV motor, it completely voids the warrantee TO THE MOTOR. I have had warrantees on every ATV Ive ever owned, and have contacts in the insurance industry. I have lost about 1/3 of the warrantee claims I have filed, due to modification issues, the other 2/3 that were covered totaled around the 4 to 5 grand range, so I am still ahead on the warrantee to cost ratio(this is on about 3 different atvs).
ANyway, warrantees IMO are great, but GOOD LUCK fighting a claim adjuster after they have denied a claim, it is their job to cover as little work as possible.
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I still have a garage cabinet full of stock Honda & Suzuki parts, ready and waiting to be slapped back on just in case I have to go up against the evil Claim Adjuster. Looks funny too when you put them back on, they are shiny and new, the rest of the bike all worn to hell.
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