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Want to Race need help

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Hey guys new to the site but i have been reading posts for the last 2 months.

Great site
I got one of The First ones in MD and Love it, Im thinking of doing a couple of Gncc Races maybe
Budds Creek MD MX track Im wondering what Bars and damper would you suggest
been looking at Fasst but just confused on all the options.

Thanks for any help?
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precision dampener
precision is by far the best dampner, IMO and I also think FASST bars will be a good setup too! You can barely tell there working but they are and youll be thankful you had them. Im working on the same setup myself!
If you are going to go with the Precision Damper order it now. There is like a 4 week backorder. Well worth the wait, IMHO.
I'd highly recommend going through one of our site sponsors for that dampner...I'm fairly certain Kyle from cernics can hook you up with a Precision dampner. I'd HIGHLY recommend getting a precision dampner as well

[email protected]

This is the order page for the TRX dampners...I believe he can get you a Suzuki one as well
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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