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Want To Help Jeremiah Jones

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Is anybody selling Jeremiah Jones wristbands? I'm looking to buy some and can't find anyplace that sells them.
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No wrist bands ...... but here you can help JJ and the site.

Well since the only place they sell a wristband is at the nationals i guess i will buy some tickets for the raffle, but my dads the one who has the money so i don't know.
heres where you get the wrist bands dudes
$5 for each band
$5 for shipping
Thanks for the link, also anybody know if they are selling them at the nationals? The $5 for shipping doesn't even go to Jeremiah.
yea that 5 shipping is just redic. for something that weighs nothing.
It probably costs at most 2-3 dollars to ship. Someones making a little side money..
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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