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walsh savior vs. Walsh sr link vs. Stock link

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I'm in the process of building an efi crf/ ltr hybrid and have been debating which rear suspension setup to use and open to opinions. I have a Walsh/ pep savior I could roll out of one of my ltrs. That's what I've always ran and liked them. But i also have Walsh Sr swingarm and stock link with a pep I could run or debated putting theWalsh sr link on that swingarm. Anyone have input? My shock guy keeps telling me we can dial in the pep on the stock link and make it as good as any setup. I just want this thing to be the best I can make it
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I appreciate the info.I was having the same issue with the shock hitting the engine with a dual rate pep shock. Pep uses 2.5" springs where everyone else used 2.25. Any setup I run I'll have to run a single rate shock. I prefer a single rate anyways. The stock link clears with a singlerate but isn'tclose with the dual rate. If I can make a stock link clear would u recommend it over the Walsh? I always liked the savior besides the dragging issue and they always cracked to pieces.
Are you running a carbed or Efi crf? I'll load some pics.but not sure how to do it on my phone. U know how
Thanks again on the input. I've had to shim my peps on the saviors cuz they'd frame out bad. I've added some pics in a album: ltr/ Efi crf hybrid. I failed to check if my shock would clear my engine till after I welded all my mounts in. But like I said a single rate will clear with a 9 in spring on the stock link. Just barely but clears. I have Norris Quinn do my shocks and in my opinion he could my any shock awesome.

I don't guess I'm familiar with the podium 2.0. I've seen it before but don't guess realized it was any different than the regular podium x What exactly are the bottoming out cups. If I run the stock link I'm just convertingam a pep I have to single rate. If I ran the Walsh I was considering elka stage5. But I'm looking at spending a lot more money i did that since I already have the pep. I've ran several Fox shocks and never been.crazy about them.
Do you have any pics of your hybrid conversion
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