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walsh savior vs. Walsh sr link vs. Stock link

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I'm in the process of building an efi crf/ ltr hybrid and have been debating which rear suspension setup to use and open to opinions. I have a Walsh/ pep savior I could roll out of one of my ltrs. That's what I've always ran and liked them. But i also have Walsh Sr swingarm and stock link with a pep I could run or debated putting theWalsh sr link on that swingarm. Anyone have input? My shock guy keeps telling me we can dial in the pep on the stock link and make it as good as any setup. I just want this thing to be the best I can make it
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You can make the stock link work just as well as any setup.

the Walsh link actually doesn't gain as much shaft travel as you think once you bring up the bottom out height from .5" that Fox/Walsh spec'd too.

The walsh savior hangs low and if you run tracks that are rough or get groomed for DB a lot you will be dragging.
I will say however I ended up using a Walsh link because of the crf engine in my Ltr frame. The way I made it to align with the sprockets the shock with the stock link would hit the kickstarter inside case. You may want to ensure that you mock up the engine and sit it in there before you go buy anything.

You could always move the engine over a tad to ensure clearance however you will have to make custom sprockets and also you may want to consider installing a longer shifter shaft or making a custom piece to extend the shift lever.

I had to run a 14 sprocket or else you will eat your chain sliders.

Just a tad bit of info: the stock link makes the frame height to 12" and bottom out to roughly 1" which totals 11" wheel travel. The Walsh link bottoms at .5" gc which allows it to have 11.5" wheel travel however IMO you need to run a spacer to stop the shaft from traveling the full 4.8". I end up making it go down to 4.6" stroke for a shock with the walsh link
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stock link
I appreciate the info.I was having the same issue with the shock hitting the engine with a dual rate pep shock. Pep uses 2.5" springs where everyone else used 2.25. Any setup I run I'll have to run a single rate shock. I prefer a single rate anyways. The stock link clears with a singlerate but isn'tclose with the dual rate. If I can make a stock link clear would u recommend it over the Walsh? I always liked the savior besides the dragging issue and they always cracked to pieces.
I would try putting the engine in the quad and decide what you may need to run. The Walsh puts the shock at a little more of an angle, is longer so it helps clear the kick start case on the crf motor.

However, IMO the walsh is not superior to the stock link and I would not run the savior for the reasons you have already mentioned the dragging and breaking.

The only reason I run the walsh link is because my engine makes me. (If you use the stock link fox makes the 2.0 podium with the bottom out cups specifically for this combo and does not use it for any other link)

I agree with you on preferring the single rate setup. I went out and measured the fox shock that I'm running and I added 3 x .09875 spacers so it would raise the bottom out height a little over an 1". If you have ran the walshs you will notice that the frame gets beat up if your builder just went with their measurements.

I will say I think fox under springs their setup a little but; they specd me out at 250lb rear spring for the walsh link and I'm now running a 300lb and is much smoother. I have not been able to use a axis prs or 2.0 fox shock with the stock link. The advantage is you could actually run a soft spring to help absorb whoops/bumps however still retain good bottoming with the bottoming out cup.

Moral of the story your shock builder can build either setup to perform similiar and likely you will find how you mount your motor will dictate what you run.

Running a stiffer spring generally helps from cracking the swingarm. I try to run 1 turn of preload generally just snug.
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Are you running a carbed or Efi crf? I'll load some pics.but not sure how to do it on my phone. U know how
Thanks again on the input. I've had to shim my peps on the saviors cuz they'd frame out bad. I've added some pics in a album: ltr/ Efi crf hybrid. I failed to check if my shock would clear my engine till after I welded all my mounts in. But like I said a single rate will clear with a 9 in spring on the stock link. Just barely but clears. I have Norris Quinn do my shocks and in my opinion he could my any shock awesome.

I don't guess I'm familiar with the podium 2.0. I've seen it before but don't guess realized it was any different than the regular podium x What exactly are the bottoming out cups. If I run the stock link I'm just convertingam a pep I have to single rate. If I ran the Walsh I was considering elka stage5. But I'm looking at spending a lot more money i did that since I already have the pep. I've ran several Fox shocks and never been.crazy about them.
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Do you have any pics of your hybrid conversion
I don't have many pictures off hand however I will try to see what I can dig up.

That's good that you have the option of running either a stock or walsh linkage.

I really like the Axis PRS shocks it uses the same concept of a piston entering into a cup within the shock to increase bottoming resistance without having to use a heavy spring and compression which limit mid stroke action. A hundred ways to skin a cat on doing this.

I have the Elka stage 5's and they perform really well; much better than the Fox's I had as they pushed to much in corners. I will say though that they have been reworked a ton and the pistons were modified to allow more flow and the check valve taken out. Nothing really has changed with the stage 5 vs stage 4 elkas other than appearance.

This cut away you can see what a bottom out cup is: a lot of manufactures use this concept in one way or another whether it is truly using 2 pistons or 1.5 etc.

The fox 2.0 is not the RC3 however this at least shows what the bottom out cup is and you can see how it would affect the lower portion of travel. The podium 2.0 is not adjustable. I do agree with fox not being on par with a lot of others however after tweaking them I don't think any one shock really is better its all in the tuner.


Fox Racing Shox Podium RC3 - Features - Vital MX
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I'll see if I can find the leverage ratio curves that I got for the Walsh and stock link; your builder can then decide what he wants to run. this will tell him more than anything IMO
hopefully this can give you some insight... The measurements are likely a tad off as I had to account for slope of the garage when doing this along with taking measurements free handed

as you can tell, the Walsh offers a slightly less motion ratio across the board however the same progression rate exists. Generally this is already built into the frame/swing arm and the ways to change this is a new swing arm with a different pull rod/linkage setup and or top shock mount location. A new linkage will not drastically change the motion ratio and/or the progression ratio. (This is because the linkage frame mount and linkage pull rod mount stay in the same location and the only thing that changes is the shock mount location on the linkage)


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