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VP Racing Fuel: U4

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I have read a few posts on this forum concerning oxygenated fuels and potential harm. I understand this and basically if you are going to run an oxygenated fuel, you should be running the quad (LT-R450), not letting it sit and have the possible "gum up" problem.

However, would running U4 make the quad run lean or potentially get hot. U4 is only a 92 octane gas and I probably ran a gallon of the U4 on my LT-R in last few days, but it seemed to run a little hot and I had a little antifreeze coming out of the overflow rubber hose located at the bottom of the radiator, this makes me think that the EFI with the cherry bomb modification and UNI filter, didn't properly adjust to the oxygentaed fuel.

Any thoughts????

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you were probably lean.the efi does not compensate or adjust itself due to no o2 need to remap using the ems
I run 93 octane from BP, the fuel is crystal clear and has worked for me a long time. Race fuel is not a big change considering the price.
The octane in U4.2 is much more than 92, the motor octane of u4.2 is 102... Also the fuel is known for running lean, and for your mods I do not think you have any reason to run U4.2...
you are running stock piston right? stock compression? stick with good clean petro. If you do run U4 you will have to remap for it, there is oxygen in it so you are running lean automatically

that was actually very risky. You could have torched your engine.
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