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Voltage Regulator

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hello I have a spare regulator which i replaced recently because i believed it was the culprit to my bike not getting power, is there a method that dealerships use to test them or would i just have to plug it into the bike and see if it is getting power? thanks
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where exactly is the voltage regulator located, have you got a picture
the voltage regulator aka the volatage capacitator is the gray finned rectangular thingy bolted to the frame under the front plastics. there are 6 wires going into it and it regulates power going to the bike. i have a spare and would like to see if it is doing its job (there are over 100 soldered tiny wires inside it, if there is a break in any one of them, it is fried) and am unsure of how to figure it out. thanks
1 - 2 of 4 Posts
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