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Updated Ltr Pics

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well guys heres some updated pics of my LTR with the hiper wheels and mxr6 tires and updog # plates i think its really coming together nicely......

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Sweet bike, everything goes well together. But more importantly how'd you get a garage like that id :bangbang: for one like that.
Looks GREAT! How do you like the pipe? I can't wait to get mine back from the coaters, well actually I can't wait to get my whole bike back.
Great job! :cheers:
thanks for the comments guys and so far i love my pipe it rocks!!!
I think its really coming together nicely......[/b]
Well I would have to agree with you :fro:
dasa nice ride ;)
haha i like the way you think man :p
haha i like the way you think man :p
yoshi470 i should thank you so thanks. i was going crazy trying to decide on a pipe, and then i narrowed it down to a few. then i saw your pics with the dasa mounted on your ltr and i knew dasa pipe i wanted :lol:
Another satisfied customer...

Swet ride bro...glad it's all coming together... :D
how do you like the mxr6's? do they keep the backend from sliding out so easy on dry and packed conditions?
Bike looks Sick! now go ride the Pi$$ out of it and make it look old!
What bend bars do you have. I also saw your pics and that was the nail in the coffin for any other exhaust. :lol:
Hey up, new on here. Top looking bike- would them wheels/tyres on my bike over here in UK, anybody know anywhere that ships them and how much for wheels? Get my bike in 2 weeks in the slower yellow colour apparently :( :p
It's ok if you got the yellow one. If you search you'll find the recall that suzuki has for yellow ltr's, they are going to take care of you and make sure it's up to speed.
Welcome to the site. Great bunch of guys here.
^^just try in ignore the people that tell you this stuff b/c there are just full of bs :D
umm why is that
Nice Quad! I think I just drooled a little. :lol:
1 - 20 of 22 Posts
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