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Twist Throttles

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Well I got to try out the twist throttle on the local track started out ok, deffinately didnt feel like my dirt bike, or even my dads old three wheeler, but i figured it was just going to take some gettin used to.....third lap around with my buddy I let him pass me so I can get used to riding behind someone with the new throttle, we come off a small single that opend up into a slidding flat corner and i accidentally pin the throttle........I cant let go quick enough so i pull the clutch in. By this time im up my friends yfz's a$$ sideways, i hit a rut that tosses my leg off the pegs and into his sprocket which then shoots my leg out under his tire. It pulled me right off the zuki and ran me over. I got up and ran to the side of the track luckily with only some major road taking that throttle right back off tomorrow

live and learn i guess :p
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i had one on my old blaster for like a week before returning it, i landed off a little jump in the woods and when i landed i twisted the throtel and then whent right into a tree...... so it didn't really work out for me, but i was started to get used to it so it just takes time, but off jumps i would always give to much gas when i land and i couldn't take that
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