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Tt Race Pics

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This is what I like to do when I'm not duning. Every year, they put on a TT race in an arena. It is getting to be a pretty big deal now. Last year I won it on my nicely built kfx, this year I didn't do worth a hoot. But I had fun! :D

The blue yfz and I was beating each others tires going down the straight away going for the holeshot. I hit turn 1 too hard and found myself right next to the hay bales sliding into second! :eek:


Let it slide!

Here is my consolation prize for not winning. Buddy snapped it for me. :D (turn your head sideways... PB wasn't working with me)

Dealer taking my bike for recall work today :(
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I've always wanted to try flat track! Now I KNOW I'm gonna try it since I know what the trophies look like now!!!
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