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ive been searching, and apparently no one else got instructions for their black line nerfs either. thats really gay, and gonna make these very fun to install. Can you guys with these give me some pics. of how the fender support bracket is on the nerf, and where it mounts to the frame and all. id like a little idea so i dont have to go at it blind. thanks, kyle.
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I have them...I dont have pics yet but if you give me a day or two I can get some for those fender brackets though, ive only had my nerfs for two months and have already snapped one.......if they do break give AC a call their supposed to have a redesigned bracket that they will ship you
really easy to install...theres no way you can mess the install up, but im not sure about the welding thing........they are pretty weak the way they made them and im not sure what you could add to it other than make new ones out of a different material or thicker.......the rear brackets bolt right where the stock wire frame pieces went and to the fender. Theres no way to mix the two pieces up, tehy will only go on one way
1 - 2 of 5 Posts
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