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Trinity Evaluation...You need to read this!

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OK Gentlemen, this is the facts and no BS. And this information is based on my evaluation tests with my bike, FUEL ATV's bike and Pokr's bike. 3 brand new LTR's with 2 almost identical. Now don't get all scientific on me here and DO NOT try to draw me into some kind of "I never had that problem!" or "did you try this or that?" discussions. It is what it is and I am positive about our findings.

My bike
No air lid, Trinity Exhaust and Trinity Fuel Management Module
Stock knobby front tires, Sand Star 20 x 11 x 10 rear tires on douglas rims

Fuel ATV's bike
No air lid, pea shooter removed, CRBM
Razors front tires, 9 cup Skates for the rears...I forgot to get the exact sizes but you can ask him and he will tell you the exact sizes. the bat it seemed like somthing wasn't "just right" about my bike was running but I knew some "dilaing in" was going to be needed after the Trinity installation. Fuel and I made about 12 passes between us. His bike won EVERY single time. No matter who was riding Fuel's bike...whether I was on it...he was on it...Pokr was on it...his bike won every damn time. Man was I pissed!

OK...time to start playing...I cranked the full throttle adjustment up from #6 to #8 (Max) and it went in the crapper. Holy loaded up....started cutting out...ok..that didn't work...back to Trinity original settings on the acceleration (#4) and full throttle mode(#6). Tried plugging in the CRBM with the Trinity fuel module running? Didn't even make it 10 minutes. Bike started acting like a 2-stroke...blah(flooded) and BAM! mad power. OK..that didn't work. Unplugged CRBM. Rode back to camp. And believe me it was a long ride while thinking about a $750 upgrade that made my bike SLOWER! WTF?

OK..back at camp...unplugged Trinity Fuel Management module and ran the CRBM with the Trinity exhaust. WOW what a difference...rode like a dream again BUT Fuel's bike STILL beat me everytime was closer... much closer. We raced another 6 or 7 times to get into 4th and 5th gears. 1st, 2nd and 3rd were very close but 4th and 5th still felt flat. Fuel's bike pulled all the way through 5th consistantly. All 3 of us felt it time and time again. Soo...being worried about the bike running lean I unplugged the CRBM and re-installed the Trinity module.

At that point I leaned the acceleration and full throttle to the lowest points (1) on the module. There are 8 settings numbered 1 through 8 with 1/2 settings designated by the lights flashing 2 numbers at the same time ( As in lights 4 and 5 at the same time designate 4 1/2) At this point it ran a little better.

NOW it gets really interesting. Both Fuel and I had a sneaky suspicion that my Sand Stars were the culprit behind some of my 4th and 5th gear woes. Fuel then switched the tires from his bike and his wife's bike. She has a pretty new set of Sand Stars on hers. When we then ran them again? Almost dead even this time.

Yea yea I know some of you who swear by the Sand Stars are gonna get a wrinkle in your panties BUT...if I wasn't there to experience it myself? I would be taking all this with a grain of salt. Believe me I have nothing to gain of no axe to grind with anyone or any product (Except A/C racing parts...but thats another story) Again...don't get all in my face...I was there and its true. And believe me it's a kick in the balls to tell you my bike is slower AFTER a $750 upgrade. I blaming the tires for the lack of performance? NO...Both Fuel and I believe my bike needs some fine tuning from the boys at Trinity. Did the tires affect the bike performance? Yes...very much so as was confirmed by our last couple of drags after switching tires.

Final thoughts
All 3 of us really liked the way the Trinity pipe looked and sounded. Personally I liked the way the bike ran with the pipe and the CRBM. If OKTRX's suspicions are correct...and I think they are...these bikes will run just fine with a pipe and CRBM.

I would NOT recommend anyone buy ANY aftermarket fuel management system without some kind of confirmation beside running your bike back and forth across the sand and it's still only your best guess. And I'm not going to take the "Oh each and every bike, altitude, riding conditions, tire size, weight of rider or riding experience... BULLCRAP!" I say give me SOMETHING thats hard evidence that my bike is running at optimum levels.

I mean there is 16 setting points available PER mode. There is 5 modes...therefore 80 settings. Take out the idle mode because thats pretty straight you have 4 modes times 16 points...64 available settings = 64 wait...change any 2 or more?...I come up with 4,096 different possible combinations. Hope you own a gas station because thats a whole lot of running back and forth.

4,096?...I might be wrong about the exact number because I'm no rocket scientest...but can you see my point here? Unless you have access to a dyno and can dial in your bike for certain? You really have no way of knowing?

The next step? I am willing to pay for a dyno test and will start checking on pricing and availability. THIS should be interesting. In the meantime? I will be very interested in seeing what OTRX and his boys come up with on those dyno figures.

NW...if you stop by soon you will find a set of barely used Sand Stars in the trash can...mounted and all...I bet Fuel has a set in his trash not too long after that...who may find a Trinity fuel management module in there also...

I got a fever...and the only prescription is MORE COW BELL! :) :) :)
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that is all true. I used to have sand stars and switched to haulers, man what a difference. I think that the trinity controller could be better if it were done by people who knew exactly what settings make the most power. Good info though.

Clone made a topic where he posted up his a/f reading and dyno. The cherry bomb is fine with the pipe, almost perfect by his a/f chart. So everyone can stop worrying.
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