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Trinity Evaluation Update...Kinda...

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Ok gentlemen, I picked up my bike from Trinity racing last Friday, 4x4 took a dive in the morning so I never made it out to Glamis to meet up with my partner in crime(arch nemesis), Fuel. And let me tell you...I tried EVERYTHING to try and make it out there. Some times it's just not in the cards. Oh date the photo shoot with ATV scene magazine on Tuesday.
Soooo...we load up the quads and head out. Get there and Glamis is pretty blown out but, hell we're there anyways so let's ride. No sooner than we start out and my daughters KFX400 starts giving us we all trade I really haven't even got a chance to hammer on my LTR. I'm on her bike, she's on my sons LTZ400 and my son is on MY LTR...the family that rides together? Her crazy bike is really bugging me and I take them out in the dunes to try and work the darn thing out...I'm not paying attention...hammering on the dumb bike...and?...EEEEeeek...over a HUGE razorback...and guess who follows? My I know I flew about 50' and she HAD to go another 10' or so beyond me. Fortunately my boys had the sense to crest the dune instead of flying over like me. SO my daughter and I are all wadded up at the bottom of the hill...bikes are tore up...I'm pretty beat up and my daughter has a sprained shoulder. We make it back to camp and load up and head on out.
While I didn't get to ride my bike much...I'm pretty sure the thing hauls ass because my boys we're just tearing it up before the accident...and YES!...they both want LTR's now :)
Fuel is gonna hook my daughter up with a new steering stem and a couple of extended a-arm kits for the boys...and we should be back to good...having told THAT great story here's my report thus far...
Now, from what I understand everyone that has run the CRBM before getting the Trinity controller should send their controller back in to get re-programmed. When I got mine back it now runs with or without the CRBM. I am choosing to run mine WITH the CRBM for the increased RPM range. From the little that I got to ride?...this bike freaking hauls ass now. Definately pulls all the way through again.
My feelings about the controller? While I am waiting for Trinity to e-mail me the results of the dyno test, my gut feelings are this...definate improvement over the stock pipe...fuel enrichment over the CRBM? I think I can feel something there but until we get back to Glamis with my buddy Fuel and do some real world testing? From what I understand the may not be any advantage of all out horsepower BUT...what it will do is enable the owner to fine tune the bike to whatever parameters he may wish (altitude, temperature, changes in type or octane rating of the fuel) I know from my experience in drag racing that these can be very important factors in engine tuning. Will most people have the need for this kind of tuning? I think that most people will be just fine with the CRBM.
Will gear heads like me be able to resist the siren call of these manufacturers offering "enormous gains over stock"?
OH HELL NO!...I gotta get me some of that...who can resist the lure of telling all your buddies that you have some top secret fine tuning whatchamacallit hot off the development board of a racing company? Yea it's a pain to work through the rough spots but...hey...thats why I got into it...for me half the fun is wrenching on stuff and making it work.
As of right now I am pulling the pipe off and meeting Fuel on Saturday...prollie tag along to see the dyno and talk some gear head non-sense. Once the pipe shoot out is done you can be sure we'll do some more real world testing and gather some more info. If any of you have any questions PM me...or if your local and you want to check this thing out I am more than happy to meet up and do some duning...EXCEPT for Stoddard Wells people...that place is like riding on a lunar crater...fergeddabouddit! Ride safe and I'll keep ya posted :)
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I Can't Help But Laugh Because That What I Done My First Time At The Dunes...Good Thing no1 got hurt like me...Broken finger...
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