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Trinity Evaluation Part Deux...

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OK boys...since you all have heard (read) about our little tests regarding the Trinity exhaust and fuel enrichment module, you need to know the other side of the story as well.
Monday morning I got a call from JD @ Trinity. Yes...they actually called me. I was gonna call them later on in the day but they beat me to it. Very impressive customer service! He proceeded to ask me how the weekend testing went. I gave him the whole scoop to which he informed me that his voice mail box was full when he walked in. Seems that anyone who is running the CRBM is having the same rich conditions. Seems that there is capacitors in the EFI units that store fule map changes such as the one the CRBM gives it. Then when you plug in the Trinity set up it just goes off the already fattened fuel map. Thus the problem.

Simple fix? Unplug both hot and ground leads (including the ground from the Trinity box) and touch both leads together. This will discharge the capacitors and default back to the original factory code. Anyone that has worked with cars knows this is an old trick but since we all all new to this on a bike? I asked around and it's true.

They asked that BEFORE I do that they wanted my bike in so they could run dyno tests on what is happening. They want extensive tests including the CRBM. THATS some customer service! :arrow: :arrow: :arrow:

Once I get this thing back I will let everyone know how it runs. They are running dyno tests on Wednesday BUT...they want to keep my bike until after the following Wednesday because they want to run dyno tests againest their big bore kit they are coming out with. 498..should be great! Can't wait to hear from them.

So don't is on the way...
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Of course they called you. I ran into JD while I was going thru your trash, he was looking for the sand stars you were going to throw out and I told him you were having problems, lol. Since I didn't find the stars in your trash I bought the best thing I could find in town, Extremes 20x10x10 8 paddles. I was lucky to get them, every place in the Portland/Vancouver area is back ordered on paddles.
I like the sound of that "Cow Bell Racing"......there is Fox, One, MSR, NO FEAR, and now Cow Bell Racing. I just need a slick phrase like "I got the Fever to win, and the only prescription is Cow Bell Racing Gear." Now if I could just find a Pro Rider who wouldn't mind wearing a cow bell around his neck during the race. I will make millions :eek:
That sucks that the CB is not working for you like it is for Clone with the full Yoshi RS-5 system, and he has the dyno charts to prove he's not to lean. You must've angered the Fuel Injection gods and must now pray for their forgiveness :arrow: :evil:

When people say they have the RS-5 are they meaning the Comp or Pro, is there a difference besides weight?
I think we should leave it up to Bruce Dickinson if it's too much Cow Bell. To bad Gene Frenkle passed away, that boy could sure play the Cow Bell!!!
Beats me where its coming from :eek:
1 - 6 of 17 Posts
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