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Trinity controller problems

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I installed the Trinity exhaust and controller 2 weeks ago and have been playing around with it. I now have some issues I would like to discuss with everyone.

1. The exhaust can looks great with awesome hangers for it. Trinity using the stock heat shield sucks. This pipe is also LOUD as hell! Overall though, I am happy with the exhaust. Might even make my own heat shield. I will get use to the loudness.

2. The FI controller is a cool idea, but sucks. It will not work with the CB installed and with the CB removed, you lose the higher rev limiter. There is no good place to mount it so that you can adjust it easily. After several cycle shop mechanics played with it at the track, I had to remove it and reinstall the CB. The quad runs MUCH better with the CB and Trinity exhaust. I called Trinity during the whole time at the track asking them questions about it. Now it seems that the CB leaves the code in the computer of the quad and when the controller is hooked up, it runs it way too rich. I was instructed to take the terminals off the battery and let it discharge and touch the ends together for a bit. Then reinstall it and it will be fine. Nothing worked and I was so let down that we went home. I then called Trinity again and they are now asking me to send them my controller so they can reprogram it for some reaason.

Anyone else have any problems with their Trinity controller?
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Yes, I was one of the first to have the same problems. Yes, once the CBRM is installed it does something to the darn thing. Trinity has my bike as we speak. They are supposed to be doing some extensive testing on the dyno. I just talked to DJ on Thursday. He told me that they had worked through the problems and were doing some "top secret" stuff which he was waiting for some electrical parts. This might mean they had to reprogram the controller...I long as my bike runs when I get it back. Fuel, Pokr and myself went to Glamis a couple of weeks ago and did some major testing with the Trinity setup. Basically YES the bike ran better with the CRBM on it and no matter how far I leaned the controller out it still loaded up and ran fat (rich). I did a complete write up on both the testing and the aftermath of dealing with Trinity. I know your pissed and so was I but they really are trying to figure this out. I did a complete write up over in Performance Parts section. You can IM me with any questions you might have. They will have my bike until Wednesday...they are doing some testing againest their bike with a big bore kit. I will know more on Thursday when I pick up my bike. Frustrating but it will be fixed.
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