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Trade For A Banshee

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I have a 2003 z400 someone wants to trade me a 2000 banshee plus some cash. im not a fan of the banshee but it will just get sold anyway to buy the ltr450. my question is..... what is the banshee worth i guess its piped jetted with reeds and the body is very clean??????? im not a two stroke guy so this is all new to me. im gonna sell the z400 anyway i just wanna make the most amount of cash possible. so far the members of ltr450hq has never let me down on quad advise so please let me know..... thanks
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A 2000 model...yikes, not a lot!

There are 2 2004 models for sale right here in our town and they are asking from $2800-$3000 and they are both real clean, both have toomey pipes, k&n's with outerwears, sand tires...not sure of any other mods.
Wow there must be somthing wrong with them! Or its just because of your area. Banshees drop within the first couple years then hold their value based on condition, unlike some other bikes where their value will continue to fall. Depending on where your from you could ask for 3000 or so.
yes it would, unless the banshee is loaded with goodies, then its not a whole lot of difference in price.

And in actuallity there are usually three price differences 87-89 one price because they used upper "j" arms rather then "a" arms

90-96 is one area

then in 97 they updated the computer, didnt changed anything performance wise just better quality.
1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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