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TQRA Race April 23rd

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Anyone going to the TQRA race April 23rd in Blanchard, Oklahoma? Me and three or four of my buddies are going to be racing in the open B class. We have never been to one of these races but hear they are awesome. :?
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Well after this race I am very happy with the results. I have never ridden in this big of a race before and so I was really nervous. 1st moto I got a lousy start, couldn't keep the front end down out of the gate, went in the first corner in about 8th or 9th place. Second corner was extremely slick, I was able to hold it inside and moved up to fourth. About half way through the first lap, the next guy slipped up and I moved up to third. Next lap the 2nd place guy slipped a little in a corner and I shot around. Now I had 1st in my sights. On the last lap I was within striking distance, but 3 turns before the finish, I cased a 75 foot double and jammed the hell out of my back. I was able to finish and hold onto second. After eating a lot of aleve I ran the second moto. Got a great start second going into the first corner and held that most of the race. A guy passed me a lap before the finish and I ended up third. Over all I got second place. I am pumped! Hell I expected to be at the back of the pack since I hadn't raced these before. I was pleasantly surprised.
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