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Hello everybody, I new to this drag racing I’m trying to do. Well I’m trying to find rim and tire but what I’m looking for is like a scooter tire and a rim that can fit my LTR 450. I want the bike to sit low
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Based on my experience I think selecting the best tire and rim for the Suzuki LTR 450 will depend on your specific needs and riding conditions. However, here are some popular options to consider:
Maxxis Razr MX: The Maxxis Razr MX is a high-performance tire designed for motocross and cross-country racing. It has a specially designed tread pattern for maximum traction and acceleration and durable construction for long-lasting performance.
ITP Holeshot: The ITP Holeshot is another popular tire for ATVs like the LTR 450. It has a versatile tread pattern that works well in a variety of conditions and a tough construction that can handle rough terrain.
Kenda Kutter: The Kenda Kutter is a mud tire designed for extreme off-road conditions. It has a deep tread pattern for maximum traction in mud and other soft terrain and reinforced construction for added durability.
As for rims, there are many aftermarket options available that can fit the LTR 450, but it is important to ensure that any rim used is designed for use on ATVs and meets the appropriate specifications for size, load rating, and bolt pattern. Some popular ATV rim brands include ITP, Douglas, and STI. Now I am a gravel bike rider and use this type of gravel tire for smooth riding.
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