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Tip Over Sensor

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i did some searching and didnt find anything, i was wondering how or if u can either wire the tip over sensor out, or if u can do somthing so it dont work. thanks a ton for any replies
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i race mx, so mostly for saftey reasons but i also had it die on me in a corner, and just to eliminate it from problems at the track. :)
I could see the need for removing it actually. Afterall, most other quads don't have these (unless I am mistaken). Purpose is to shut off durring a tip over, flip or wreck. Isn't that the purpose of a kill switch? Meaning if you have a KS then there is no need for the tip over sensor.
or if u have a tip over sensor thees no need for a killswitch...holey crap what did u do in that corner almost flipp it over?
There are cases when you may tip it over and it may be on top of you without the kill switch being acrtivated. The main purpose of the tipover is to shut off the fuel pump so it doesn't continue to pump fuel. That way if there is a fire you aren't feeding the fire with a continuous stream of fuel under pressure whether it be from a ruptured fuel line or just leaking somewhere else.
Good saftey feature for fires...just havent heard of any fires. LOTS of issues with it shutting off in mid air though. Makes me nervous thinking about that.
Have you seen these tips posted on the Yoshi website?

Inside the swirl tank (small reservoir attached to the petcock) there is a small fuel filter. This filter needs only to be replaced maybe every six months to a year if you run pump gas. But- with some race fuels, the filter needs to be changed frequently. Some race fuels will dissolve the filter. The symptoms of a bad filter are when the bike inexplicably starts to cut out. Usually in the air off of jumps with a chopped throttle.

If your LT-R starts to show these symptoms, go to your dealer and buy a few of the filters and the O-ring gasket for the swirl tank (just in case you break the original) and replace the filter. We recommend cleaning the fuel pressure regulator at this time as well.

If your LT-R becomes hard to start and is running poorly, for no apparent reason, often times it could be the Fuel Pressure Regulator. Or, if you’ve had fuel filter issues due to corrosive race gas, the units can become clogged from either debris or corrosion. The normal 42psi pressure can be reduced below 40psi, and things start to go bad. The unit can be cleaned by removing it from the quad, and cleaning with contact cleaner and. We also like to use an air hose to blow out any potential debris.

Keeping your fuel lines and water lines cool and protected will make the rubber last a lot longer by protecting it from the heat. The race team uses a heat wrap that is made by CV-4. It looks good and improves durability.
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