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Thunder On The Beach

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went down this friday and walked through the pits at night, i noticed 2 really big toy haulers down there so i figured some one either had a lot of money or some one special would be there, but then i just kept walking, the next day we got up at 8:30 went to uncle bills pancake house then to the show, we bought pit passes and walked through the pits. i think i saw a few of you guys down there. the guy on here with the red spastic graphics i think you were down here, and some other guy i forget. sonic off road was using there irs ltr out there, DO NOT GET IT hahahahaha didn't well..... preform to good. but then i saw a yellow framed yellow hooded quad out there and i thought it was dunk but my bro's friend said it wasn't so i just waited till the next day.... the next day it was him pat brown and some other guy there. me and one of my other bros friend got to go right up to dunks quad and look at everything on it ( this was today ).... he made me want to strip down my frame for yellow. it was verry verry fun this year

you guys in the area should go next thunder in the sand ... im going to race in the next one six months from now, i hope to see some of you there.
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I was planning on going but family things came up I couldn't.
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