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This Is Bs!

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ok i took mine in for the recall and i was good they said. and the vin was later too.
well now they call and said they need to weld it just in case, and they are going to put some black rusty plate on my bike. (looks like shit.) so i told them can they paint the frame color, suzuki does not have the color hey said..
so now ill have a ugly rusted black piece hanging on my quad.. any ideas or recomdations.............
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I'm still confused on what you are talking about.

Let me ge this straight.....You took your bike in to get the frame linkage welded. Did you get a letter? If not why'd you take it in?

Where do they want to weld the plate is what I'm asking.

Lastly, the Color-Rite Suzuki blue code is YBA.

1 - 1 of 16 Posts
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