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This Could Be A Dangerous Thread To Start

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First off this is not about politics. It's about being legal and illegal.

What are the citizens arrest laws in Texas?

Seems to me that it's not illegal a person could just walk into that church in Texas and drag that woman out and turn her over to the cops. I know if they would buy me an airline ticket I'd fly out there and do it myself.

What the heck are local law enforcement waiting for. Just walk in there and dragg her butt out!
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dude i say shoot the bitch , what good is she any way

And that's why you wear the lemon.

From my understanding it is with in the authorities rights to enter the church and arrest this woman. They are just choosing not to for obvious political reasons.

I'm still torn on this immigration debate but as for this one woman I say let her stay. They are trying to deport her, but her son is a legal resident of the US. I don't think you should split up a family.
It's a tuff subject to talk about with out someone getting upset. Here in AZ it's a HUGE subject on a daily basis. I do know that something needs to be done to better the situation all the way around before there are major problems with riots and such.
I didn't see anything on this and see that someones post has already been deleted...Not that its a bad idea to discuss politics and/or immigration laws (assuming thats what this is about) I think its better off left unsaid. Don't tear apart a community about atv's.
what makes her illegal? what the government says? maybe her ancestors original territory is what is now the state of Texas. and Texas itself has crazy laws, i watched on tv a repo man go onto a persons property and repo someone elses truck and the property owner chased them all through town shooting at them, then the repo man stopped and him and the guy with the gun got into a confrontation and the repo man ended up with the gun and when the police arrived they took the gun from the repo man and gave it back to the guy that was just shooting up the town, and since that is legal there is it ok to do then?
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