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The Up Hill Triple,,,

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Heres a shot of the up hill triple that ended my career and nearly cost me a leg. It don't look so bad now because the week after I got hurt there they brought in a bunch of dirt and built up the take off and shortened the jump. It still broke a few legs and arms last weekend though.

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It happens. I'm not trying to make people feel sorry for me so no need to be, just telling the story behind the pic!
Ballance MX in Bowling Green, KY @ the last national. I've got other pics posted here from the same track.
I think someone said 85' now. It was 100+ when it got me down!
I never taped it but it's a good 20' shorter then it was in May. The guy who said he did tape it said he measured from peak to the break in the landing, not the peak of the landing but where you'd want to put the quad down for the smoothest landing. It took 4th pinned and preloading to get over it before they built it back up. It was getting wore down and dangerous before, now it's pretty easy so i've been told. You can jump much farther then nessacary now if you really want but you'll blow through the berm in the turn right after the landing.
1 - 5 of 9 Posts
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