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The Up Hill Triple,,,

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Heres a shot of the up hill triple that ended my career and nearly cost me a leg. It don't look so bad now because the week after I got hurt there they brought in a bunch of dirt and built up the take off and shortened the jump. It still broke a few legs and arms last weekend though.

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I could definitely see without a good peak -- :( -- coming up way short.
And it looks like doubling it would be more dangerous --- Maybe single then double.

What's the total -- 70'??? and up hill.
I think someone said 85' now. It was 100+ when it got me down!
Wow -- it doesn't look like 85. I guess if you taped it out and followed the ground.
Straight line looks closer to 70' -- If it was a full table. Hard to tell in pics.
Regardless.... 100 is waaaay to far on a quad ---- Especially up hill.

I know you got banged up pretty bad -- But glad you made it through.... as well as you did.
1 - 2 of 9 Posts
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