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The $40.00 Mod

- Perform Performance Mod #1: Remove Air box Lid "Very easy to do, no write-up neccessary"

- Perform Performance Mod #2: "Done By removing Spark Arrestor/Baffle"

- Perform Performance Mod #3: "Done by installing the Cherry Bomb"

By doing these 3 Modifications to your stock LTR450, you will get the arm-ripping power you have been looking for! The Cherry Bomb tricks your EFI into dumping more fuel in the throttle body, thus richening the lean mixture and given you more power.

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Come on atv racer, is he wrong??

It is a 5 year old thread but he's using the search feature or doing some reading..

His 1st 2nd and maybe 3rd post were way off but he is kinda getting the hang of it with this one and the lighted whip one, I don't believe he installed a lighted whip though...

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If it's useful helpful information then I don't see a problem with it, what bugs me is people that make a thread for EVERY little issue when there is already 20 threads for that same issue. I'm glad that this guy knows how to use the search button. ;)
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