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SO here's the 411...
You all know what a pain it was to get everyone on the same page for my LT front end that Fuel and I were trying to get going on my LTR last week AND my Junkie fiber. Powder coating, chromers, aluminum polishing and my Junkie fiber people all came through was all at the last minute...
Finally Friday @ 2:30 in the afternoon I had my LTR together BUT I needed to have someone set the camber and caster. Naturally I called Dan @ DASA...I figured what the heck? He said come on down and he would make sure one of his guys dialed in the bike for me. Even though it was 1.5 hours away I knew he would do it right so I loaded up the bike and hit the road knowing that on Friday with California traffic it was going to be a 3 or 4 hour deal by the time I made it back.
Not more than 5 minutes later Dan called me on the cell phone and told me to take my bike to a fellow racer he knew not more than 10 minutes away. He gave me the guys number and told me not to worry about any charges...he had taken care of everything!!!
He had just saved me 4 hours of down time...not to mention a heart attack from the stress :)

Forward to Sunday afternoon...I'm cleaning out my garage and the cell phone's Dan from DASA making sure that I was taken care of last Friday. He wanted to make double sure that my problem was solved!

I was so flattered by that phone call that I was speechless...we talked for a bit about the bike and the trip and I told him that I was stopping by later in the week to thank him personally and buy him lunch.

Bottom line? This guy truley cares about his customers!!! This guy has class and professionalism tatooed all over him AND his products...Not only that,...he has taken customer service to a new level!.. :D

Phone call on Sunday?..unheard of...

Those of you that have invested in his stuff know this already...Those that haven' need owe it to yourself and your bike...

I figured I owed it to him to give a shout out...Thanks again Dan

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sounds like he really cares about his customers, can't say the same about my suzuki/Yamaha dealer. Since he helps us out, i'm almost 100% i will buy a pipe from him.
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