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Hello friends, Already I have the LTR finished for the present clearly this one, already I take idea of things mounting him mas but now to saving again.


-Manillar Tag t2.
-Torretas tag.
-Puños pro grip.
-Maneta embrague completa ASV C5.
-Maneta freno ASV C5.
-Hombre al agua pro designe.
-Parrillas completas con taloneras Speedfreak.
-LLantas delanteras douglas en 10.
-LLantas traseras douglas en 10.
-Neumaticos delanteros maxxis 165-70-10.
-Neumaticos traseros maxxis 225-40-10.
-Cherry bomb yoshimura.
-Biela mas larga artesanal.
-Anclajes suspension delantera artesanal.
-Desmultiplicador de embrague wirtz con 3 posiciones.
-Tapa anulacion parking Duncan racing.
-Latiguillos metalicos Duncan racing. DL.TR.
-Filtro de gasolina.
-Valvula de deposito sano.
-Esponjas protectoras puños sano.
-Disipadores hechos a medida 17,5 y 12,5
-Pastillas de freno Tr. BRAKING sinterizadas.
-Pastillas de freno dl. BRAKING sinterizadas.
-Puño de gas motion pro recorrido corto.
-Escape completo yoshimura rs5.
-Centralita yoshimura.
-Ordenador Ecu yoshimura.
-Pegatas artesanales y dorsales tambien.

Ahora quiero instalarle: bujia de iridium, multiplicador de chispa, kit de embrague

hidraulico, pinza de atras doble piston, bomba de freno delantera radial, amortiguador de

direccion stabilizer, filtro pro flow KyN, y alguna cosita mas ya veremos.

Haber si os mola el quad.


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-handlebar tag t2.
-Grips Pro grip.
-PIM Yoshimura.
-Fimak Yoshimura.
-Cherry bomb Yoshimura.
-Exhaust complet Yoshimura.
-Filter fuel.
-grip donuts sano.
-Twist thottle kit motion pro.
-Tires rear and front maxxis.
-Brake pads front and rear Braking.
-Parking brake block off Duncan racing.
-streamline brakes lines front and rear duncan racing.
-Rims front and rear Douglas.
-Lowering kits Handcrafted.
-Gas Cap Sano.
-Nerf bars Complet Speedfreak.
-Pro-Design Tether Switch.
-Levers ASV C5.
-Desmultiplicator clutch Wirst 3 positions.

-Disipadores hechos a medida 17,5 y 12,5 ¿? SPANISH


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very nice looking quad.

i was wondering the same about the shocks..

did you guys notice the size of radiator hose coolant thing?

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No Junkie fiber???? WTF????


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At first glance i though the resevoirs were lights.

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I tried to buy from them about 6 months ago...nice guys but the same "Someone was just in here last weekend and bought every last pair we had...we should be getting some more soon....2 weeks at the latest"

Seems to be a international epidemic...

I didn't feel like hearing anymore so I quit e-mailing them... :(
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