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Taking The 3 Lights Out Of The Plastic...

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I want to get new bars to put on my LTR, and I will need to move the 3 lights(low gas,overheating etc...)so I can put a bar pad on. Im just wondering how you guys removed the 3 lights from the stock black plastic peice, I cant seem to do it? Here is a picture incase you guys dont understand what I'm talking about.


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This is the tricky part -- That's why I said "take your time".


This is where I had to go back and use the file -- take just a little more off.

*- You need to insert the rubber tube from the backside first.
*- Work the lens in from a slight angle -- holding the tube on the otherside.
*- If you lightly damp the lens and the inside edge of the tube -- it works easier.

Like I said before -- be patient... take your time... and you will appreciate the outcome even more.

Any specific questions -- post them or feel free to PM me

Good luck

Judging from his newest post, he did not have enough PATIENCE. :blink:
1 - 1 of 19 Posts
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