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Over my years of racing, I often had issues with fuel pressure and it almost always resulted in the Fuel Pressure Regulator. I reverse engineered the stock unit and designed these as a less expensive replacement but now would like to offer them to everyone else.

Rebuild your fuel pressure regulator without paying Suzuki's overpriced amount for the entire assembly. This kit will rebuild all the internals and is as simple as taking off two screws. Suzuki sells the entire assembly for over $250 OEM!!!

Race Fuel tends to make these fuel pressure regulators fail over time, so replace it and grab a spare to keep in the toolbox.

These Fuel Pressure Regulators are designed to meet the stock LTR450 pressure of 42 psi.

Kit includes (everything in the main picture):

(1) Fuel Pressure Regulator mechanism

(1) Internal O-Ring

(1) External housing O-Ring

(2) Stainless Steel Socket Head Cap Screw

Condition is New.

For everyone on this group, price is $80 plus free shipping.

Buy 2 for $150, free shipping.

PayPal to [email protected], just include your shipping address.

You can also buy them through Ebay.


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